Donald Trump Jr: 'Roger Stone Wasn’t Involved’ in 2016 Trump Campaign

Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of President Donald Trump, joined Jim Norton and Sam Roberts on SiriusXM radio Friday, where he discussed an array of subjects, including Roger Stone and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s behavior at President Trump’s State of the Union address.

Questioned about Stone, one of his father’s longtime confidants, Trump Jr. claimed he attempted to be “relevant,” but was never “involved in our campaign.”

“The reality is Roger Stone wasn’t involved in our campaign at all; they try to make him out so they could just hurt someone close to Trumpworld. I never even saw Roger Stone on our campaign,” Trump Jr. said.

Trump Jr. went on to claim Stone was “stupid” to lie.

“Roger Stone was one of those guys who was trying desperately to be relevant, so he was in a dark room throwing darts, and he actually hit something, and then they called him in, and he was stupid to lie about it,” Trump Jr. added.

During the interview, Trump Jr. also took aim at Pelosi for tearing apart her copy of President Trump’s State of the Union address earlier this month, saying it was undoubtedly “contrived.”

“You see the video of [Nancy Pelosi], like minutes before, pre-ripping the speech just so she doesn’t have like a fail on tv of like not being able to rip three pages of paper,” Trump Jr. said with a laugh. “It was so contrived.”

Trump Jr. also discussed the tweet President Trump shared with a video and a caption that stated, “Powerful American stories ripped to shreds by Nancy Pelosi” and that contained clips of President Trump’s guests and remarks on his administration’s accomplishments, such as record-low unemployment rates.

“This is what she actually did,” Trump Jr. said of the video that was edited using clips from President Trump’s address. “These are the American dreams she’s actually ripping up.”

Other subjects discussed in the interview included Hunter Biden, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, partisan politics, and Rudy Giuliani.