Tom Steyer Campaign Purchases 'Keep America Great' Domain Name

Tom Steyer’s campaign has purchased the “Keep America Great” domain name – one of the catchphrases closely associated with President Trump’s reelection bid.

Trump has embraced both “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) and “Keep America Great” (KAG) over the course of his presidency. Steyer’s campaign, however, purchased the domain – a common move among political rivals trying to troll their competitors and garner additional support.

The domain takes users to a page selling $1 bumper stickers reading, “Trump is a fraud & a failure.”

“Donald Trump failed as a businessman. He borrowed billions, and left a trail of bankruptcy and broken promises,” the page reads.

“He hasn’t changed. Tom Steyer is running for president because unlike other candidates, he can go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump on the economy and expose him for what he is – a fraud and a failure,” it adds.

The page encourages visitors to purchase the bumper sticker and redirects them to donate via ActBlue.

“Trump’s campaign prides itself on hoarding websites of political opponents, but they forgot to pick up the URL for their signature re-election slogan, ‘Keep America Great,’” Steyer’s campaign said in a statement, according to Fox News.

However, Tim Murtaugh, director of communications for Trump’s reelection campaign, said that the Steyer campaign is “lying about this site being available,” and noted that it has been a “hater site” for over four years.

“Tom Steyer is lying about this site being available & media shouldn’t buy the #FakeNews. Anyone curious could figure it out in 3 seconds,” he wrote.

“The Trump-hating website went up in 2015 – way before the 2016 election. It’s been a hater site for over 4 years,” he added:

“If you’re worried about lying, you should probably talk to your boss about the stuff he says to the American people…,” Steyer’s digital director Jessalyn Reid responded in part.

Steyer officially met the requirements to participate in the Democber 19 Democrat debate Tuesday, making him one of seven candidates – Joe Biden (D); Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Kamala Harris (D-CA), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN); and Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) – who have made the debate stage. Remaining candidates have until December 12 to qualify.