Man Charged for Beating Woman to Death with Motorized Scooter

An unnamed suspect was arrested on Monday evening for the alleged killing of 63-year-old Rosa Elena Hernandez in Long Beach, California.

Around 12:30PM, Long Beach police were called to 64th Street regarding an “assault with a deadly weapon,” according to the statement released by authorities. The Long Beach Fire Department also responded to the call, and ruled Hernandez dead at the scene.

Approximately four hours later, the suspect in her murder was arrested. He is being held on a two million dollar bail. Authorities said that the man assaulted Hernandez, eventually using a motorized scooter to kill her. “Detectives believe the suspect physically assaulted the victim and then proceeded to utilize a motorized scooter as a weapon during the assault,” police said.

There is no known motive for the attack. Neighbors spoke well of Hernandez, saying she was “friendly” and “everyone knew her,” according to reporting by NBC Los Angeles. “It’s sad because I feel for her husband,” one said. “They’ve been together and lived next door for a very long time. He’s not going to have his wife anymore.”