George Conway: ‘Governing Impossible’ Because of Trump’s ‘Incompetence,’ ‘Pathological Narcissism’

George Conway, Kellyanne Conway’s husband, blasted President Donald Trump yet again on Friday for making “governing impossible” due to his “incompetence” and “pathological narcissism.”

Conway was responding to Byron York’s tweet about the “weirdness of the government shutdown.”

“The supreme weirdness of this partial shutdown. Look at Trump proposal. Replacing aging fence, enforcement, agents, beds, medical, high-tech drug detection. A package that, absent Trump, majority would support,” York tweeted.

Conway said it was “not weird at all.”

“Trump is a master at alienating people he ought to be trying to, and should be able to, persuade. And that’s because he can’t make a coherent argument. He’s incompetent,” Conway replied. “That incompetence, along with his ingrained, pathological narcissism, leaves us with a president who does little more than spout nonsense and lies, and pander to those who feed his egotistic needs. And all of this makes rational governance impossible.”

Never Trumper Jennifer Rubin then chimed in by tweeting to Conway: “or shorter: He’s stupid.”

Conway’s response to Rubin: “ok I’m verbose.”