“Doesn’t Even Look Real” – Los Angeles Morphs Into “Ghost Town” Amid COVID-19 Outbreak 

Last week we documented how the Seattle Metropolitan Area morphed into a ghost town amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

Now, the staff at the Los Angeles Times has taken out their quadcopter to record how strict distancing measures in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area have changed the everyday life for millions of people. 

Traffic on the 110 Freeway, heading north out of Downtown Los Angeles is usually jam-packed with cars, but with Gov. Gavin Newsom requesting all Californians to “shelter-in-place,” highways in the area have virtually no vehicles on them.

With nonessential gatherings banned, residents are limited to leaving their homes. Places like Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles is now closed off to the public. 

All nonessential businesses across the state have been forced to close, which includes shopping malls and entertainment centers. LA Times’ staff snapped a picture of an empty parking lot at the Westfield Topanga & The Village shopping mall. 

With social gatherings banned, basketball courts at the Royal Learning Center in Central Los Angeles are empty.

One table was occupied this weekend at the Cal Marketplace in Downtown Los Angeles. 

The beach in Santa Monica was deserted except for two millennials and a homeless man behind them getting rays.

Thanks to Twitter, here are spookier views of an empty Los Angeles as millions shelter in their homes during the virus crisis: 

The Washington Post shares a drone video of Downtown Los Angeles as the local economy grinds to a halt.