Democrats Spin Kamala Harris Tap-Out Into Racial Injustice Story

Kamala Harris’s abrupt departure from the 2020 election due to a lack of funding has already sparked a debate over race – with the logic ultimately circling around to ‘Democrats aren’t ready to nominate and elect a strong black woman.’

Both Cory Booker and Al Sharpton have come out in recent days, lamenting the lack of black Democratic candidates – while blaming her failure as a candidate on sexism and racism instead of her inability to appear authentic, her roiling anger underneath a thin veneer, and general lack of any plan whatsoever.

“…it’s a damn shame now that the only African-American woman in this race … is now no longer in it, and we’re spiraling towards a debate stage … that could have six people with no diversity whatsoever,” said Booker on a Tuesday evening appearance on MSNBC (Harris’s parents are notably from India and Jamaica, and are not African American).

And no, it wasn’t because Samoan-American Tulsi Gabbard dismantled Harris during an April debate, which coincided perfectly with her demise in support.

And it wasn’t a series of articles in the San Francisco Chronicle penned by former California legislator Willie Brown essentially calling his old mistress an unqualified whore whose career he boosted.

Nope, according to Al Sharpton, whose Harlem-based charity pays him over $1 million per year, ‘black women are held to a different standard.

Sharpton also shared Booker’s disappointment that the Democratic field will likely be too white.

“I think that the real problem the Democrats are going to have is the next debate, you have no black [candidate] on that stage,” Sharpton told MSNBC’s “Deadline.” “And the Democratic Party cannot have a stage where black voters do not see themselves reflected — where they don’t see themselves reflected and expect that we’ll come out and vote in big numbers.”

You must have had black turnout, but we don’t turn up in the debate? There is something that is wrong with that, and some of us are not going to be quiet about it.”

Sharpton added that Harris was “taken apart” and “treated badly” by the press – partially because “black women especially are held to a different standard.”