Bill Weld Says He Can Beat Trump in 3-5 Super Tuesday States

Appearing this week on the Fox News Rundown podcast, 2020 Republican presidential candidate and former Gov. Bill Weld (R-MA) asserted he can top President Donald Trump in at least five states on Super Tuesday — a bold claim from a candidate who trails the president by over 70 points, according to a RealClearPolitics poll average.

A partial transcript is as follows:

(Listen from 20:23)

DAVE ANTHONY: South Carolina and Nevada are not really in play, because they canceled their Republican contests. Super Tuesday would be next.

BILL WELD: Super Tuesday is the thing I’m really focusing on, besides New Hampshire. It has Massachusetts and Vermont, which are both crossover states, California, which is a state that Mr. Trump has declared open war on, Utah, which the Mormon sensibility is not consistent with Mr. Trump’s personal behavior. [It has] Colorado, which I consider a friendly state. So, there’s the plan is come out of Super Tuesday having won not one, but three, four, five states.

ANTHONY: You really think you can beat the president in multiple states?

WELD: Yeah, I do.

ANTHONY: I guess you wouldn’t be in the race if you didn’t believe in that.

WELD: Well, that’s right. I’m on the ground when I’m not in New York. Come on the ground in these states and [I’m] talking to people one-on-one. And that’s how voters get to meet the candidates in New Hampshire. You know, they don’t feel like they’ve met them till they’ve [shaken] their hand three times.